Brainy Pi

Available to select audience (currently beta)

Getting Started


This page guides on how to install Operating system into a freshly purchased Brainy Pi SBC.

This documentation is for Rbian OS version: 0.7.2-beta for Recovery version: 0.11.5-alpha
To check the version of Rbian run the command in terminal
Note: If the command fails or gives error then Rbian version is < 0.7.2-beta.

Know your hardware

Installing OS

Brainy Pi comes with a Recovery which allows you to directly install supported operating systems into EMMC or SD card.
Watch short video on how to install OS using recovery.
First, Ensure version of OS installed and the version this document is intended for match. If they match and yet problem persists. Please use this Forum link for community help.
If you are an enterprise customer please use the ticketing system login provided to you for priority support.


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