Brainy Pi

Available to select audience (currently beta)

Companion PC


Companion PC helps you operate Brainy pi as a fully headless -extra linux computer with your laptop. You can access GUI of Brainy Pi (Rbian must be installed already) without connecting an external monitor. This helps you use Brainy Pi for your programming needs without loading your laptop or simply as an extra computer without buying additional Keyboard, Mouse and HDMI Monitor for it.

This documentation is for Rbian OS version: 0.7.2-beta
To check the version of Rbian run the command in terminal
Note: If the command fails or gives error then Rbian version is < 0.7.2-beta.


1. Brainy Pi with Rbian version 0.6.0 or above installed
2. Windows/Linux PC/Laptop (can be made to work on Mac too)
3. Android phone

Connecting to wifi and getting IP address of BrainyPi without monitor

BrainyPi allows you to connect to Wifi and know the IP address using Bluetooth.
1. Download and install LightBlue application in phone
2. Power on BrainyPi
3. Follow the instructions and connect to wifi via Bluetooth:
4. At the end you will see the IP address of the BrainyPi, Note the IP address down, it will be used in the next step.

For Laptop/PC's running Windows

SSH into BrainyPi

  1. Install Xming
  2. Install Putty
  3. Open Xming, (Double click on the Xming Desktop shortcut)
  4. Open Putty, Go to SSH –> X11 and Choose X11 forwarding 
  5. Go back to Session, Enter the BrainyPi IP address and Press Ok to connect via SSH. 
  6. Login using credentials
    • Username: pi
    • Password: brainy
  7. Now you can run any GUI command and it will show up on your laptop screen.
    • For example, Running geany will open up a text editor. 

For Laptop/PC's running Linux

SSH into BrainyPi

  1. SSH into BrainyPi
    ssh -X pi@<ip-address-of-brainypi>
    Password is brainy
  2. Now you can run any GUI command and it will show up on your laptop screen.
    • For example, Running geany will open up a text editor.
  3. The geany editor should open successfully, we have forwarded X successfully !!
First, Ensure version of OS installed and the version this document is intended for match. If they match and yet problem persists. Please use this Forum link for community help.
If you are an enterprise customer please use the ticketing system login provided to you for priority support.


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