Brainy Pi

Available to select audience (currently beta)



Looking for accessories to enhance your Brainy Pi product building experience?  Our accessories page provides documentation and tutorials to help you get these accessories set up . From raspberry pi sensors and cameras to displays and motors, everything should directly work on  Brainy Pi and wherever there is a difference in usage steps this page covers those accessories . 

This documentation is for Rbian OS version: 0.7.2-beta
To check the version of Rbian run the command in terminal
Note: If the command fails or gives error then Rbian version is < 0.7.2-beta.


Connecting CSI Camera

1. BrainyPi supports Raspi cam v1.3 CSI camera (OV5647)
2. Connect the CSI camera to the CSI port.
3. Enable the camera, by running the commands
					sudo sed -i 's/#intfc:dtoverlay=ov5647/intfc:dtoverlay=ov5647/g' /boot/hw_intfc.conf
sudo reboot
4. Now your camera should be connected. Check connection by running the command 
					sudo media-ctl -p 
  •  You should see the camera sensor ov5647 in the output

Using CSI camera

First, Ensure version of OS installed and the version this document is intended for match. If they match and yet problem persists. Please use this Forum link for community help.
If you are an enterprise customer please use the ticketing system login provided to you for priority support.